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August 04, 2021

New Lucky Wheel templates 🎡

With these new lucky wheel popup templates, you can design a visually stunning gamified popup for your website in seconds.

Use the color picker to modify the color scheme of your popup to match your website and brand. Creating professional campaigns has never been easier.

Universal lucky wheel popups come in  in 4 different themes:

If you're looking for different design styles, check out the pre-built lucky wheel popup templates here.

Why should you use the lucky wheel popup?

It’s getting harder for online store owners to collect contact information from their visitors. Lead generation doesn’t work with you bombard visitors with disruptive popups. Most will ignore your message and leave.

Using the lucky wheel popup lets you add a little fun to your onsite messages. You engage visitors using an interactive popup that’s different from the popups they ignore every day. Plus, they get a chance to win discounts––and who doesn’t love winning something?

You can read more about the lucky wheel popups and examples here.

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